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• Return & Exchange Policy, PayPal Disputes

• Please allow 24-48hrs after initial contact for our reply. Business days only. We also do our best to respond during weekend and holidays if we are able to, but contact will be slower.



   • Returns are acceptable ONLY if the custom item(s) made are incorrect due to a fault BY US. If they are due to the customer NOT disclosing pertinent information PRIOR to purchase (i.e. Vehicles in your country are different-side-drive than in the U.S.A., (i.e. UK, India, Austrailia etc.) that MUST be disclosed PRIOR to purchase and especially PRIOR to shipping. 

   • VEHICLE LEFT-HAND DRIVE & RIGHT-HAND DRIVE LISTING - Please verify your country. ALL of our parts are USA-spec (right-hand drive) vehicle specific parts. 

   • If you need left-hand drive components, you must mail us your parts, at your expense, to be modified. LEFT / RIGHT -hand drive list.

   • We will NOT honor returns based on error listed above due to customer failure to disclose pertinent information prior to purchase.

   • Returns for OTHER reasons, such as material received scratches during shipping and need a redo of the vinyl wrap ARE eligible for a RETURN or a REDO at no extra cost. Buyer pays shipping back, we pay shipping of redo to customer.

   • Returns for exchanges or refunds will be paid by the buyerNO EXCEPTIONS

·      We do not honor refunds of any kind for 'buyers remorse.' No exceptions for any reason.

·      LARGE ITEMS– Engines, intake manifolds, exhaust components, cylinder heads, etc. – buyer musy pay for large or freight shipping or arrange freight shipping (engines) on their own. Failure to do so DOES NOT cancel the transaction. These items are purchased on a per-order basis, so we buy it for you. Generally (almost 100% of the time) we cannot return these items to the parts depot. We are stuck with them. We spend time, money, gas, wages, to get these parts for you. Therefor we CANNOT refund you for these. Sales are FINAL.




• Exchanges are allowed for the following reasons: 

   1) Part was damaged in shipping or vinyl scratched. Buyer must send ALL original components back.

   2) Part was wrapped using wrong finish vinyl.

   3) LED color was incorrect in converted switches. Or the switch has an electrical short.

   4) Vinyl is lifting for any reason on part wrapped - VALID FREE RE-WRAP for 6 months after purchase for manufacturing/wrapping defect only. 

   5) WE WILL NOT EXCHANGE FOR FREE if the item(s) were scratched, damaged, or water-damaged (LEDs) due to a customer error. 




Please DO NOT place a PayPal dispute during the time we are working through an issue until the issue is resolved. Failure to adhere to this and not allow us ample time to correct errors on OUR PART will result in us not as willing to work with you as easily. Most often, there is either:
   a) simple communication error
   b) minor discrepancy with your order due to either party.
   c) nothing we cannot resolve by communicating properly prior to opening a case.

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