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• Vinyl Wrap FAQ, Pricing, & Information

We are pleased to offer any and all vinyl wrapping solutions for your personal, commercial, or promotional use. 

Please complete the form below for a full, detailed quote:

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   • Payment is due 100% up front, and under special circumstances, we may allow 50% up front, 50% at completion of service.

   • We use only brand-name vinyl wrapping material, made either in the USA, France, or Germany (depending on brand). Please message us if you have any questions about the manufacturing country of each brand offered below (although the respective sites state where the finishes are from as well).

   • BE VERY WEARY of other sellers/refinishers offering inferior cheap vinyl from China that will fade, rip, bubble, and just look plain poor. Our prices reflect the much higher cost of QUALITY vinyl wrap materials.

   • We NO LONGER use any vinyl that is -not- air-release. Air-channel vinyl takes 2-3 times longer and the results are not as perfect. This is taken into account into pricing.

We carry the following brands of vinyl in stock:

   3M  |  Arlon  |   Avery  |  Hexis  |  Oracal  |  Vvivid


   • Full vehicle wrap (small/med size) - $3,000

   • Mirrors - $200

   • Hood - $250+ (scoop extra starting at $100 for same tone OR other finish)

   • Roof - $250+ (side rails [2] $50 extra)

   • Trunk - $250+ (integrated spoiler extra)

   • Spoiler - $250-400 (depending on complexity)

   • Stripes - $275 (single color)

   • Motorcycle Gas Tank - $150+

   • Motorcycle Fairings (2) - $250+

We carry full swatch booklets for every brand we have available for in-person selection. Digital copies of swatches/samples/vinyl available at the below links:

   3M3M Colour Reference

 - Color Palettes

   AverySupreme Wrapping Films

   HexisHexis ColourCards

   Oracal - OraJET | OraGUARD | ORACAL 975/970

Vivvid Vinyl Collection

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